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SCI-FI SUNDAY: Week of 12/14/2014


This week, let’s see a few trailers of the most talked about upcoming sci-fi flicks! CHAPPiE, a new sci-fi thriller, introduces us to a lovable robot who has the learning capacity of a child. CHAPPiE’s creator, played by Dev Patel of Slumdog

World of Animation: Week of December 4, 2014

frozen 2

FROZEN 2 CONFIRMED BY ELSA Idina Menzel, the voice actress for Elsa, has confirmed that a Frozen sequel and a stage play are in the works. She says she is not sure what the plans are for the stage play,

Sci-Fi Sunday: Week of November 23, 2014


Aliens get a Makeover (…in space, no one can hear you re-write) While promoting his upcoming film Exodus: Gods and Kings, Ridley Scott unfolded some secrets about his Prometheus sequel! During the interview, Ridley Scott confessed that the storyline has been rewritten. Scott

Mockingjay Part 1 inspires protests and activism


Screenings of The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 are being cancelled in Bangkok, Thailand as a result of student protesting against martial law by using the three-fingered salute.  They were arrested on accusations that they were provoking violence in the

World of Animation Wednesday: Week of November 19, 2015

song of the sea

THE PEANUTS GANG MAKE A THEATRICAL DEBUT! Next year, the Peanuts gang will be making their first theatrical debut! Although a plot has not been revealed, one teaser and a full trailer have been released. With the revival of Bill

Monday Movie News Magnet: Week of November 17, 2014


Thanks to a new viral site, there has been some new and exciting news for the new upcoming film Jurassic World. The site is technically for a company called Masrani Global. In the film that’s the construction company that helps build Jurassic Park on the island Neblar.

30th Annual Spirit Awards Broadcasted Live!

unnamed (2)

On February 21, 2015, IFC will be presenting the 30th Annual Independent Spirit Awards Live instead of the usual 2 hour delay! This year’s nominees will be announce on Independent Spirit Awards official website Tuesday, November 25, 2014. The chosen

Christoph Waltz, Bond’s Next Nemesis?


Christoph Waltz Joins Danial Craig in Bond 24 Two-time winner of Best Supporting Actor, Christoph Waltz has been reported to sign on the new 24th James Bond movie installment. Although, Waltz’s role is unknown, we can only assume from his

Quentin Quits- Quality Cult Fans Cry

unnamed (1)

Tarantino Announces Retirement! Oscar winner for Best Screenplay, Quentin Tarantino, has stated that his 10th film maybe his last, leaving the director’s busy life to “write novels and film literature”. Although, his retirement plan is not “etched in stone”, he

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